After the demonstration!


Last Saturday, the Lector, Audiovector and Inakustik show ended successfully.

As always, we exchange experience with audiophiles, which is very interesting. This time the set-up, let us thoroughly understand the chemical effects of Lector (plus Audiovector) with different series of Inakustik cables. As the agent of the above three brands, we have learned a valuable lesson from actual combat, which helps to play a greater role in every demonstration of sound.


<<Different room acoustic affects the sound tunning>>

In the August audio exhibition, the Lector mono power amplifiers used the AC-2404 AIR power cords; and last Saturday, we changed them to AC-2502F. The overall sound was maintained similar to the tone, but the expression form changed from soft to powerful. Yes, the entire system basically uses the same cables, but which model is used in which position is different. The main reason is that the acoustic of the two demonstration rooms are completely different; and we take this opportunity to further explore the sound of Lector, which is helpful in the future, we recommend the matching of cables for the prospective users of Lector.

Started from unpacking and setting,the sound was different everyday, we changed the cables or adjusted the speaker position. On Friday or even Saturday, the effect was more stable and reasonable than in the past few days. Finally, we did not forget to carefully select the demonstration CD, which took a lot of effort and time...