10.29 Dynaudio Music Concert


The music Concert ended successfully in the evening of last Saturday, and the response of the audiophiles was generally good. Due to time constraints, there are too many good songs, and not too many types of music have been selected, we will take care of this aspect more comprehensively in the future.

Some enthusiasts said that in order to hear the sound performance of Dynaudio, they wanted to participate in two events, but to avoid embarrassment, they had to choose one of the two. In addition, two enthusiasts were unable to participate in the event due to work or family matters, so they asked us if we could keep the system equipment so that they could come and enjoy it later.

Through the high-end show and this event experience, let us further understand how Dynaudio reacts to tube amplifiers and transistor amplifiers at different price points. After the event, some audiophiles stayed, hoping we could give them some matching suggestions.

Finally, we would like to thank MUSIC UNION for visiting our company last Friday for an interview.