After the 22 Apr 2023 event


After the 22 Apr 2023 event

Although the stock of the Dynaudio Heritage Special was limited, We still demonstrated it last weekend. How is the performance, and what is the expressiveness of the voice flying around....

That's right, it is indeed a rare opportunity for Heritage Special to meet Lector's flagship eight-piece system; and audiophiles also take this opportunity to experience Lector.

In this space of more than 400 square feet, Heritige Special is driven by tubes and hybrid equipment, and with Inakustik's silver and copper AIR cables, the overall sound characteristics are well-organized, the sound is accurate, the sound stage and layers are clear, and some audiophiles on the scene are impressed. During the demonstration, everyone discussed the sound of the product; after the demonstration, they inquired about the product, expressed their thoughts, and raised some audio problems for discussion with us. Yes, everyone saw the current situation of the day through the photos.

That's right, in many demonstrations in the past, we used a full set of Lector with loudspeakers of different prices, and even used only a CD player. In the links with other brands, the performance was basically satisfactory.
By the way, we started to think about what model of Dynaudio we will select for the next demonstration...