LS-2404 AIR Speaker Cable


The new Referenz LS-2404 AIR loudspeaker cable combines the outstanding qualities of its predecessor – the LS-2404 – and the almost legendary NF-2404 audio cable. This has resulted in a loudspeaker cable that not only has the all-important low inductivity necessary for its application, but also low capacity values and low dielectrical losses. Interdependencies have been reduced and the amplifier can function in a more detached manner. Even if this may seem paradoxical: Thanks to the innovative air insulation, high fidelity becomes a simply breath-taking sound experience with this cable.

The air-helix construction is wholly unique. We have developed a special clip to ensure air insulation that is as close to perfection as possible. A large number of these clips form the supporting structure on the inside of the cable. This holds the signal conductor free in the air in a helix form and guides it through the cable at defined intervals. The flexibility of this construction is attained with two bridges that hold the clips together evenly and at exact intervals. The Cross Link Super Speed waveguides are threaded and fitted with clips by hand with extreme care in our own manufacturing unit. Afterwards the air-helix created in this manner is given its PE network jacket – again by hand. Finally the rhodium-coated plugs are fitted and the cable function is tested.

The conductors themselves of course also play a major role. The LS-2404 is made of 24 highly pure copper wires braided on a PE core. An exceedingly thin coating layer on the wires prevents eddy currents inside this Cross Link Super-Speed Waveguide – the rigorous further development of the super-speed waveguide. This conductor is also used in the NF-2404, but it is considerably more effective in the LS-2404 AIR. The reason for this is that by far the largest currents in the entire audio chain flow through the loudspeaker cables. Part of the correspondingly strong magnetic fields are already compensated by the eight wires on their own. This is ensured by the braided and therefore opposed stranding of the individual wires. Their wafer-thin lacquer coating insulates the wires from each other. The structure ensures greater stability and “peace” in the conductor.

The finding that the loudspeaker cable should primarily have a low inductivity has been optimally implemented in the LS-2404 AIR: The two-layer arrangement of the double-layer multicore allows the conductors to overlap and neutralise the magnetic fields that arise around the individual conductors. This considerably reduces the inductivity of the cable and also allows the high frequencies to be transferred without hindrance or time delays.

We have opted for tellurium copper as the plug base material rather than brass. This is because tellurium copper offers twice the conductivity. Each plug comprises a basic terminal with a spade or BFA banana adapter laterally threaded to it. This connector design provides maximum flexibility with regard to adjusting the angle between the cable and the connector and also mitigates the effects of mechanical forces acting on both the cable and the connector including their contact interfaces. The connector surfaces are rhodium-coated because this extremely robust material ensures optimum contact even after many mating cycles.

。Air-Helix structure
。Air dielectric ensures extremely low capacitance
。Cross Link Super Speed waveguide technology
。Double Layer Multicore
。Directly crimped connectors (1.5 T pressure)
。Silver Screw Type connectors
。Single wire