ZOE Stereo Line Tube Shunt-Parallel Preamplifier

Stereo tube line level preamplifier with 5 inputs,2 main outputs

Stereo tube line preamplifier with two double triode in class A configuration.

Lector proudly introduces the brandnew ZOE (Zero Ohm Energy) tube line preamplifier featuring an innovative power supply based on a parallel/shunt voltage regulator circuit. No active devices in series with the power supply path, just passive components as premium quality resistors provide the voltage drop while an active device - wired in parallel - sink current in order to keep a stable output voltage.

This new concept offers a virtual zero ohm energy output to the tubes without relying on huge amount of negative feedback – in fact it’s a zero feedback design. The result is remarkable performance without the typical effect on overall sound quality imposed by series or pass regulators often plagued with high impedance output and/or strong negative feedback.

Despite its simple basic operation and clear advantages over series regulators, parallel/shunt voltage regulators are totally uncommon in audio applications at any price levels. Simplicity sometime is challenging and not that easy to achieve. A shunt regulator runs hot: it requires bigger transformers and huge heat sinks as if it were a class A amplifier – and in fact it is!

The preamplifier gain stage is an all-tube, class A design equipped with a pair of renowned 6922 tubes (standard) or 6H30∏ (optional). The latter is a new Russian military rugged tube in current production designed for heavy applications and high current delivery. Thanks to SATC (Self Adjusting Tube Circuitry), the new ZOE can also use a wide range of twin triodes – such as 12AT7 / 12AU7 / 6CG7 / 12BH7 / ECC802S to suite end users’ taste. And swap different tubes has never been easier. A large plexiglas trim on the top can be removed simply undoing four screws allowing you to change the tubes without removing the whole lid . Another small window on front panel lets you see-through while the internal circuitry is back-lit during operational mode.

The ZOE has five line inputs, mute/operation switch, auto-delay, remote controlled volume, two sets of main outputs, tape outputs and home theatre direct outputs that bypass the whole preamplifier circuitry when the unit is switched off. This feature is particularly useful in complex home theatre installations and allows you to send the selected source signals to an external multichannel processor. Sonic performance delivers pure enjoyment: thanks to the new shunt regulator we have virtually cancelled any trace of the power supply added sound. What you listen is just the sound of your favourite tubes operating with exceptional linearity in a class A gain stage.

We can spend many words trying to describe its purity, its great dynamics, its airy soundstage, its accurate imaging, its ability to resolve the subtle details and many other outstanding qualities of this preamplifier. But we prefer to simply invite you to listen to it and to trust more what your hear.



FEATURES 。Unit description:Stereo tube line level preamplifier with 5 inputs,2 main outputs, passive volume out, tape out, htd output 。Tube active circuit:6H30II,by SATC circuit: 6922 / 12AT7 / 12AU7 / 6CG7 / 12BH7 。Frequency response:20-50.000 Hz +/- 1 db 。THD distortion:Less of 0.1 % 。Input sensibility and gain:200 mV / 20 dB gain / 50 kohm input 。Output voltage and impedance:20 Volt @ 250 ohm 。Optional: cherry wood veenerede side panels 。Power supply main:100V / 120V / 230V ac 70 V/A 。Dimensions (H x W x D):110 mm x 400 mm x 300 mm 。Weight (Net):10 kg 。Designed and made in Italy 。Remote control